Suzumigaoka Hachiman Shrine

This shrine was founded in the years 1334 to 1336 by a warlord who was given the province Udanosho (now the city of Soma) by the Emperor Godaigo. It reveres the warrior deity Hachiman, who is widely worshipped for success, prosperity, health, safety at sea, and more. In the mid-sixteenth century, it came under the domain of the Soma clan. Masatane Soma, the 21st generation of the Soma family, especially revered the shrine, and completed the building of new halls and improved grounds in 1695. The buildings were made of zelkova wood. The entire interior and exterior of the buildings are decorated in bright colors with lacquer, decorative metal fittings, and carvings, and the shrine was called Soma Nikko for its resemblance to Nikko’s Toshogu Shrine. The buildings have been celebrated for the pioneering architectural technique and design. The ceiling paintings and other decorations in the outer and inner sanctuaries of the main hall and the carvings covering the exterior walls are particularly outstanding, and the seven buildings built in 1696 have all been designated as National Important Cultural Properties. The shrine is also known for the cherry trees lining the approach, and the contrast between the red torii gate and bridge over the pond and the cherry blossoms is particularly eye-catching.


Suzumigaoka Hachiman Shrine
  • Address
    1 Suzumigaoka, Tsubota, Minamisoma, Fukushima Pref. 979-2533
  • Access
    (By Car) 5 min. by car from Soma Interchange on the Joban Expressway
    (By Train) 10 min. by car from Soma Station on the JR Joban Line
  • Website
  • Contact
    Phone: +81-(0)244-36-4342
    email: hachiman@tulip.ocn.ne.jp

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